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Protecting Personal Information

Training is provided for retail staff members
that handle personal information related
to customers through their work onsite.

Complying with laws and other regulations, as well as our own personal information protection policy, World strives to appropriately protect personal information of our customers, business partners, and employees acquired through business operations.With the aim of maximizing customer satisfaction, we recognize that safeguarding personal information is a critical management concern. To this end, we have taken steps to ensure the protection of personal information, such as establishing the Personal Information Management Committee to promote appropriate data management and disclose our Personal Information Protection Policy.
In conformity with JIS Q15001:2006 Requirements for Compliance Program on Personal Information Protection, we have also developed our Personal Information Protection Compliance Program, of which the PDCA cycle is continuously updated for improvement.

Personal Information Protection System

Representative, Audit Controller, Personal Information Protection Manager, Complaint Handling and Consultation Office Manager, Personal Information Training Manager, Personal Information Management Committee, Personal Information Protection Management Section, Manager of Personal Information Protection Section, Personal Responsible for Personal Information Protection

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Copyrights © WORLD CO., LTD. All rights reserved.