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Promotion of Risk Management System

Environmental Management

The World Group classes environmental initiatives among its corporate strategy objectives, and is actively promoting environmental efforts as a corporate group.

Environmental management framework

[Environmental Initiatives] Environmental value:Efforts to alleviate environmental burden, Global environmental conservation  Environmental risk:Corporate social responsibility, Appropriate risk management  The world Group is engaged in environmental activities incorporating both the aspects of environmental risk and environmental value

  • Achieving a sustainable society is indispensable if the World Group is to continue creating and providing value over the long term as a value-creating corporate group. The World Group therefore positions environmental initiatives as one of its corporate strategy objectives, and is actively promoting environmental efforts as a corporate group.
  • There are two aspects to the Group's environmental initiatives. These comprise the appropriate management required as part of the Group's corporate social responsibility for dealing with environmental risk, and contributing to environmental value by means of environmental activities with the aim of alleviating its environmental burden and encouraging environmental conservation.
  • In terms of dealing with environmental risk, the World Group carries out investigations of environmental risk, analyzing and assessing the company's effect on the environment in order to identify risks that require corporate management, and managing these by incorporating them into the company's internal control cycle.
  • In terms of environmental activities, the World Group is striving to alleviate its burden on the environment by reducing losses and inefficiencies, and is working for global environmental conservation through initiatives befitting the Group.
  • The World Group aims to strike a good balance between these two aspects in its environmental initiatives, with the goals of contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society and creating sustainable value over the long term.

Environmental management system

  • The World Group engages in environmental activities by determining the activities to be promoted at Group level, and carrying out individual activities via project frameworks set up in the departments concerned.
  • A project has also been established to utilize the insights of all employees in order to eliminate all types of loss and inefficiency, and to promote activities to alleviate the Group's environmental burden with the participation of all staff.
  • Although the individual achievements resulting from the activities of this project may be tiny, the expansion of such activities to encompass all Group employees is expected to lead to significant results.

Environmental management cycle

[PDCA Cycle] PLAN(Targets of activity and action plan)→DO(Activity underway)→CHECK(Check progress status and validate effectiveness)→ACT(Review and improve)→PLAN(Targets of activity and action plan)

The PDCA cycle has been set up and is implemented for environmental activities. Targets for each activity and an action plan are formulated, and while the activity is underway its progress status is checked and effectiveness validated, resulting when necessary in the activity being reviewed or improved. This cycle is repeated with the aim of achieving further improvements.

Environmental Policy

The World group set out its Environmental Policy in April 2010.

[World Environmental Policy]As a corporate group creating sustainable value over the long term, the World Group positions environmental activities as an important theme of corporate manegement, and is proactively engaged in such activities.  The Group conducts all its activities in compliance with environmental regulations and social noems.  The World Group is not only alleviating its environmental burden by reducing all types of loss and inefficiency and striving for global environmental conservation, but is also benefiting customers by providing extra quality, reliability, and safety.  The World Group is implementing educational and informative activities for employees concerning the environment with the aim of rasing awareness of environmental conservation, and is extending the sphere of its environmental activities as a corporate citizen.  By means of such environmental initiatives, the World Group is helping to achieve a sustainable society, with the aim of creating sustainable value over the long term.

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