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Social & Environmental Activities

Enriching everyday life and culture, and earning the public trust-as a corporate citizen, the World Group addresses each major issue as it arises, starting with what we are able to do right away.

Workplace Environment

With the belief that human resources are the wellspring of corporate value, our objective is to develop a corporate group with human-centric management.

Promoting the hiring of disabled workers through a special affiliate

Our Group company, World Business Support Co., Ltd., as a special subsidiary, promotes the hiring of disabled workers who seek a more active role in society. Under the key concept of normalization, the goal is to establish a workplace environment in which every employee, regardless of disability, can demonstrate their capabilities and contribute to corporate performance.


Providing a supportive environment for women to work in the long-term

As a general service group company and fashion industry enterprise, we have been expanding opportunities for women to demonstrate their full potential throughout the industry. We employ a conventional store system, including industrial product planning, public relations, and production work in workplaces where women can play active roles in developing their own careers, such as in the areas of consulting, e-commerce, digital marketing, and space creation. We respond to changes in lifestyles, such as marriage, childbirth, childcare, and nursing care, by creating working environments where women can continue to work with peace of mind.

Obtained the Kurumin Mark

"Kurumin Mark,"

WORLD CO., LTD. was recognized in 2011 as a company that actively supports its employees in balancing their careers and their families. It acquired certification as a compliant general employer and was granted the use of the Kurumin Mark by the Hyogo Labour Bureau under Japan’s Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. The following Group companies have also obtained this certification.

  • World Co., Ltd.
  • Feels International Co., Ltd.
  • Explorers Tokyo Co., Ltd.
  • World Lifestyle Creation Co., Ltd.
  • Cocoshnik Co., Ltd.
  • Style Force Co., Ltd.
  • Arcus International Co., Ltd.
  • World Amber Co., Ltd.
  • Intercube Co., Ltd.
  • Innovation Link Co., Ltd.
  • World Space Solutions Co., Ltd.
  • World Business Support Co., Ltd.

Law for promoting women in the workplace

The World Group adheres to the law for promoting women in the workplace that came into effect in Japan in April 2016. Moreover, it seeks to provide female employees with suitable working conditions for each stage of their lives. At the same time, we are striving to develop our human resources by placing more emphasis on ability, rather than gender, in our hiring and employee education, thereby encouraging both men and women to pursue successful careers.

Environmental Conservation

We work on environmental conservation activities, by lowering environmental burdens through the reduction of all kinds of loss and waste and promoting efforts utilizing the World Group’s characteristics.

Environmental activities at offices and stores

Our environmental efforts include the introduction of energy-efficient office equipment, the promotion of green purchasing, and the usage of recycled paper, as well as the supply of eco-cars to sales representatives. At our stores, we also encourage the reuse and recycling of hangers, as well as the utilization of carry bags constructed from recycled paper.

Reuse and Recycling of Hangers Used During Distribution The World Group has developed its own unique cyclic system for reusing and recycling hangers used during distribution, with the aim of alleviating the Group’s environmental burden. Collection:Shop Dispatch(Hangers used during distribution) Sorting:Recycling center Reuse and recycling Use:Sewing factory Finished products Reuse and recycling of hangers used during distribution

Social Contribution

Promotion of Ecoromo Campaign for clothing collection and recycling


Since autumn 2009, World has been engaged in the Ecoromo Campaign, a recycling initiative of accepting unneeded clothing from customers.
“Ecoromo,” coined by World, is a word combining “ecology” with koromo, a Japanese word for “clothing.”
The purpose of this initiative is to make the fullest use of the value of clothing without wasting it at all, through the reuse and recycling of clothing. With the growing interest in the environment and contribution to society through consumption, the Ecoromo Campaign has been drawing support from many customers.
The total number of clothing items World has received exceeds 9.99 million, and from 2011 we have started to reuse or recycle the clothes by means of selling the items to our recycling partners, the revenue from which we use to support children in need, including those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Ecoromo Campaign

Education & Next Generation Development

Became a partner corporation in the Yomiuriland GOOD JOB ATTRACTIONS

World is a partner corporation of GOOD JOB ATTRACTIONS, a recent addition to the Yomiuri Land amusement park. The new area provides visitors with opportunities to experience monozukuri (manufacturing). The “FASHION factory,” supervised by World, takes visitors on a journey through a fantasy world where they experience the joy of fashion while riding the Spin Runway indoor roller coaster. The ride’s first half is a tour of clothes manufacturing, including fabric cutting and sewing. As the ride soars toward its highest point, the visitors press buttons in a game of coordinating an outfit. The second half is a dash through sound and light, immersing visitors in the excitement of a fashion show. Then at the exit area, workshops offer a fun monozukuri experience.


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Copyrights © WORLD CO., LTD. All rights reserved.